Dramatic clearing or lightening of blood vessels, facial burning and stinging by professional and
unique pulsed light PhotoDerm and VascuLight methods of Harvey Jay, M.D.



Dr. Jay's Successful Treatment of Rosacea's Symptoms:
Flushing, Burning, Stinging, and Tingling.

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stages of rosacea
treatment of
redness and/ or blood vessels
flushing, burning, stinging, or tingling
rhinophyma pimples
steriod rosacea
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Rosacea.net is designed to give you practical information in order to help you understand your Rosacea. My suggestions are based on my personal experience treating patients with Rosacea. I am a Board Certified Dermatologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Cornell Medical School. I have been in private practice of Dermatology in Manhattan, New York City for over 25 years.

For more information about me please visit my website, www.mdlaserderm.com. For specific medical information you should be seen by a Dermatologist to evaluate your individual needs. Every person is unique and requires a specific in-person evaluation by a Dermatologist.

Rosacea.net can only give you my broad personal and practical opinions. My opinions may change with time, as new information is made available. Hopefully, my experienced opinions will assist you in obtaining better medical care of your Rosacea.

Definition: Rosacea is a facial rash usually composed of prominent redness and sometimes pimples as well. Rosacea usually occurs in the central part of the face and involves the nose, cheeks, chin and/or forehead. Long term Rosacea may produce Rhinophyma, an enlarged nose, typified by W.C. Field’s nose.

Some say it can't be done.   We do it daily... For fifteen years and counting...

Rosacea redness severe Left cheek before treatment
Rosacea clearing after IPL treatment Dramatic clearing in 1 strip composed of 4 small test rectangular spots, minutes after a single treatment by Dr. Jay.
Redness clears with intense pulsed light Dramatic clearing of Facial Redness after 3-4 treatments by Dr. Jay. -- Treatment still in progress
Facial redness clearing by Dr. Jay Continued improvement after additional treatments